About Us

Neshami Surveying and Loss Adjusting is a local leader, with a regional presence, in offering insurance claims management and related services to clients across all marine and non-marine insurance policies, and at all stages of the claim life cycle. Neshami is run by a management team possessing diverse industry and functional expertise, with a commitment to superior quality of work and customer service.

Neshami strives to be the leader in providing insurance claims management and related services to clients in all countries where it operates by forming strategic local and international alliances.

Neshami is dedicated to turning calamitous events into constructive claims that bring about a fair settlement for all related parties in a timely manner.

Originating from a tree called Grewia Velutina, called (na-shem) in Arabic, whose branches are valued for durability and strength and hence used to manufacture “bows”. As such, the name “Neshami” was derived to highlight the company’s values. Choosing branches rather than the tree itself in order to represent the company is born out of the imagery that branches have long been associated with the idea of aid and support rather than a tree, which symbolizes protection in the form of offering shade.

Under this theme, the logo was created using sharp edges and angular form to denote this form of aid representing  Neshami’s main objective.

The use of a color palette incorporating a rich navy blue hue and stark white further emphasizes the abstract ideals of trustworthiness and durability.

Neshami Surveying and Loss Adjusting is a local associate of Charles Taylor Adjusting, a leading adjusting company that offers in-depth expertise across the areas of aviation, energy, marine and non-marine on a global basis.

To read more about Charles Taylor Adjusting, please visit www.charlestayloradj.com