We are a local leader, with a regional presence, in offering insurance claims related services to clients across all insurance policies, and at all stages of the claim life cycle. Neshami is run by a management team possessing diverse industry and functional expertise, with a commitment to superior quality of work and customer service. Our key services offered, include but not limited to, are as follows:

Extensive experience in efficiently managing marine and non-marine insurance claims, including construction, energy, engineering, and business interruption claims

Comprehensive risk evaluation exercises. Evaluation of Probable, Possible and Estimated Maximum Loss. Recommendations on risk improvements

Plants, heavy & light industrial tools; construction equipment; vehicles, commercial cranes, lifts, hoists, forklifts, and earth movers

Inspection and verification of goods and materials quality and quantity to pre-identified specifications, and requirements in marine cargo, construction and precious metals and gems

We assist law firms and lawyers in a wide range of insurance claims services. As licensed Loss Adjusters officially recognized by courts, we evaluate claims, and provide detailed reports, expert testimonies, robust calculations, and computer-generated models

Insurance companies often appoint Loss Adjusters that work on their behalf, rather than being independent as it should be. Therefore, it’s within policyholders’ best interest to appoint a licensed Loss Adjuster to work on their behalf in preparing, presenting and settling of insurance claims. This will insure that policyholders maximize their financial recovery from insurance claims in a timely manner